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Sculpt your body into the masterpiece of your dreams with
1 on 1 Personal Training
and/ or
Individualized training plans


Fuel your body to work with you towards your goals, not against! Eat better, not less!


Everywhere you turn, there is new advice on how to lose weight and stay fit. By now, you’ve probably heard tons of conflicting information online, in magazines and even from family and friends.  It’s enough to make you crazy!  But with DreamFit on your side, you can stop searching for answers. I’ve got the skinny on what works and what doesn’t.

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  • *One hour session*
  • Goal setting questionnaire
  • Discuss appropriate plan for your goals
  • Full body assessment
    Intro to Nutrition
    Q & A


  • *Monthly Periodized Plan* (3 month commitment)
  • Everything you need to know to follow a macro nutrient based meal plan
  • Nutrition plan customized to your schedule and dreams
  • Individualized training and exercise routines
  • Email support for questions and ongoing motivation
  • Weekly Progress Check-ins
  • Continuous program adaptations based on progress


  • *6 week plan*
  • In the gym or in your home
  • Based on your Personal Schedule
  • Customized to your dreams
  • Optimal exercises to reach your goals
  • Adapted to your fitness level

Meal Prep Workshop $350

  • *3 hour Workshop*
    Have your friends over, and lets get cooking!
    (up to 8 people)
    Together we will make 5 days worth of meals!
    I will walk you through all the tips and tricks of efficient meal planning and preparing.
    Leaving you and your group set for a successful week of eating!
    Recipes, Grocery and supply lists provided.
    *adaptable for all dietary needs upon request*

Bootcamp Punch Card $99

  • 6 Class Punch Card
    attend any class on the schedule
    valid for 3 months

Nutrition + Accountability $125/ Monthly

  • *4 week Meal Plan*
    3 month Commitment
    Menu Plan renews monthly
    Weekly email check-ins for ongoing support and accountability


  • *4 week plan*
  • Macro Nutrient based meal plan
  • Daily Sample Menu
  • Designed with foods you LOVE
  • Customized to your Schedule, Lifestyle, and Goals


  • *4 weeks*
  • Weekly Email Check-ins
    Stay Accountable, Supported and Motivated with your goals!
  • Ongoing adjustments to ensure continued success
  • Together we will celebrate your successes and address all your struggles!

Personal Training Session $75 /Hour

  • *1 hour Session*
    At a gym or in your home. I will come to you!
  • Feel Confident that your are on the right track,
    Performing your exercises safely and effectively.
  • Push your limits and Achieve Success!

Personal Training Buddy Sessions $90/hour

  • *1 hour Session*
    Perfect for friends or couples that want to get fit together and save money!
    Have fun, hold each other accountable and see great results!



Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Kamloops, BC

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"Order whatever you like, buddy"
Oh my goodness!!
**note the side of eggs, because protein is important, right mom?!**

#momlife #bondingtime
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Yeah baby yeahhhh 😎
Stick to the routine!
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#throwbackthursday Gaining Perspective. 🙏
One year ago, (left) I had just resumed my morning cardio regime in preparation for the Toronto SuperShow! I was feeling good and was excited about that tiny bit of ab definition I could find when I flexed with all my might and stood just right! 😉

Fast forward a year, (right) Today, I woke up feeling a little fluffy, and underwhelmed by my physique. I've been focusing on improving and rebuilding my metabolism and gaining muscle since July and won't be starting into a competition prep for a few more months.

It's so important to look back and check yourself!! Your mind can play tricks on you when you see yourself everyday, you miss the changes, you overlook the progress, and nit pick at the thing's you still want to improve. Don't forget to celebrate the distance you've covered and don't just fixate in the steps yet to come.
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One of my favorite shoulder press variations. Using a T Bar or Landmine.
Keep it light and 🔥🔥🔥 dropset
10 left, 10 right
9 left, 9 right
8, 8, 7, 7, 6, 6, ...... all the way to 1!
😘👌 try it out!
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