Everywhere you turn, there is new advice on how to lose weight and stay fit. By now, you’ve probably heard tons of conflicting information online, in magazines and even from family and friends. It’s enough to make you crazy! But with DreamFit on your side, you can stop searching for answers. We’ve got the real skinny on what works and what doesn’t.
Before starting DreamFit, I was an overweight mother and wife. While taking care of others, I neglected myself and ended most days feeling tired and unhappy. I tell my clients this because I want them to understand that I am a real person who discovered how to get real results. And now, I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with others looking to improve their lives.
By implementing a few key lifestyle adjustments along with careful research on both exercise and nutrition, I have transformed my body and my mind. I feel great and have even had opportunity to successfully compete as a figure athlete in bodybuilding competitions—something I never imagined I would do! In pursuing my fitness and competitive dreams I have found that my true passion is to share this feeling of health, wellness and empowerment with others! You could be next!

To further educate myself on helping others achieve their goals, I completed relevant courses and peer consulting. And today, I am proud to offer both fitness and nutrition training to clients of all ages and fitness levels.

In addition to my work with DreamFit, I am a licensed family daycare provider and work at Active Body Nutrition, a local supplement store. My friends and family describe me as a workaholic, but that’s ok! I love my work and enjoy motivating others towards success!

I thank you for considering DreamFit and look forward helping you on your journey.

Kirstie Hill.
Coach /Owner